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How do I send my graphics and in what format?

Files can be emailed, or faxed. Autocad/vector files are preferred, but we can generate your cad file for you from a pdf,  jpeg, tif, doc, etc.

Where can we get material?

You can contact PrecisionJet for a list of artificial turf Suppliers.

Does PJ pick up material and/or deliver completed graphics?

Yes, we can pick up or drop off material/graphics anywhere in GA or surrounding states. Contact PJ for pricing.

How are the graphics cut and made?

Graphics are transferred to machine files and cut using a custom water-jet system. Once cutting is complete, the numbered pieces are assembled and the seams are glued. Once dry, graphics complete our inspection process and any necessary repairs are made.

How precise is your cutting with the Water Jet?

Our machine is repeatable within +/- 0.001”, so graphics are exact dimensions.

How many and what colors can be used?

You can use as many colors as you like. Contact your material supplier for their available colors.

What are the typical costs?

Please refer to your PJ Pricelist or contact PJ for pricing information or free job estimate.

What if I want/need to paint the graphics?

We also provide stencils sets for numbers and simple letters/logos.

Does PJ provide estimates, if so what is the cost?

We provide estimates free of cost to our customers. Please note that estimates do not include material or shipping costs.

What are the standard payment terms?

Please contact our Credit Department to establish payment terms.

What are the graphics glued/seamed with?

PJ uses TurfBond adhesive (our sister company) and TurfLock seaming tape. Both can be purchased through TurfBond, LLC by contacting Randal Enterkin 770-591-7776.

How long does it take to complete the graphics?

Scheduling time varies depending on the time of year, but once scheduled, it is cut, assembled & glued, and inspected & repaired typically within 3 full days.

How are the graphics packaged?

Logos/letters are rolled up on tubes and wrapped in plastic. Our number sets are paletized/boxed flat and separated by tufting direction. Stencils are shipped on pallets. Small pieces are shipped in boxes.

How many pieces are the graphics shipped in to site?

Depending on the size of your graphics, they may need to be cut into 2+ pieces for shipping purposes, with your approval.

Can PJ cut graphics and ship them to site so we can assemble/glue our own?

Yes. We can cut and number all pieces to ship and generate an assembly drawing for easy assembly on site.

Do you only cut artificial turf?

No, we can cut a variety of different materials, contact PJ to explore options.

Once graphics are sent, can they be revised if we want changes?

Yes. Once you send your graphics in, we'll send you back a confirmation drawing and formal quote for your approval.
Any changes should be made then and re-submitted for a new confirmation drawing and quote. This process will continue until PJ receives an approval from you to proceed. If you approve the graphics and machine files are made before you make changes, an additional fee will be charged for the re-work of machine files.

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